Bench Top Models  
Good looks, Quick cleaning and easy operation.

The Bench Top Ultrasonic Cleaner has many applications in cleaning and rinsing Medical and Dental Instruments in Hospitals, Dental Surgeries, Day Surgery and laboratory sites.

It also has many retail and industrial process applications.

The units incorporate the latest technology in its operation. There are accessory packages to suit Dental, Optical requirements. There are holders for use with beakers and small item holder for use with the cleaner.
Multi-Stage/Custom Built Models
Huge range and custom built.

With a huge range of frequencies, densities and power ratings, custom built models will always deliver the best cleaning results with no compromise on either quality or reliability.

For more complex industrial cleaning processes, requiring multi-stage solutions, we are pleased to consult fully with the customer in order to develop the system to suit the purpose.
  Immersible Models  
Flexible, Distinct design and precision cleaning.

Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers offer the ultimate in ultrasonic systems flexibility. These modular units can be incorporated into the designs of new systems or retrofitted into existing systems to add ultrasonic capability.

Help in designing an immersible transducer installation for any application is also applicable.

They are ideal for elements and products of various categories.
Large / Industrial Models
Reliable, Rugged and cost effective.

The ability to apply ultrasonic cleaning to large, irregular parts or high volumes of casketed parts is now achievable.

Precise cleaning results can be efficiently, economically and repeatably achieved in rapid, high throughput production environments.

Custom-engineered sizes can also be delivered at short lead times. The tanks are equipped with heaters (in-wall, immersion or steam coil) and ultrasonics in either 25 or 40 kHz. Options include timers, filtration, pump to drain, exhaust systems and custom parts fixtures.
Standard Range of Bench - Top Models
Models No. Tank Size Tank Capacity U/S Power U/S Frequency
SM 15 US 6"5.5" 3.5" 1.5 ltrs. 50 Watts 33 3 KHz
SM 20 US 8" 4" 4" 2 ltrs. 100 Watts 33 3 KHz
SM 35 US 9" 6" 4" 3.5 ltrs. 100 Watts 33 ± 3 KHz
SM 50 US 12" × 6" ×4.5" 5 ltrs. 120 Watts 33 ± 3 KHz
SM 65 US 12" 6" 6" 6.5 ltrs. 150 Watts 33 ± 3 KHz
SM 100 US 12" 9" 6" 10 ltrs. 250 Watts 33 ± 3 KHz
SM 140 US (ML) 21" 7" 6" 14 ltrs. 300 Watts 33/25 3 KHz
SM 200 US 14" 12" 8" 20 ltrs. 400 Watts 33/25 3 KHz
SM 200 US (L) 24" 9" 6" 30 ltrs. 600 Watts 33/25 3 KHz
SM 250 US 16" x 16"x 6" 25 ltrs. 500 Watts 33/25 3 KHz
SM 300 US 15" × 15 × 8" 47 ltrs. 600 Watts 33/25 ± 3 KHz
SM 500 US 22" 12" 12" 50 ltrs. 750 Watts 33/25 3 KHz
Standard Features
Indigenously manufactured with advanced MOSFET technology
Widest frequency range of 18 Khz to 100 Khz
Digital Tuning of Transducer to avoid frequency shifting
Compact, rugged and highly durable systems
Modular Power Supplies for easier modification/servicing
Low transducer losses permits maximum cleaning action
Extensively protected electronics circuits means longer and safe operation
Input voltage range of 170AC-270AC
Pre-set Auto-degassing function
Digital Timer :- 0-20 for EN15 US & EN20 US / 0-99 for Others
Heater :- 0-60C with Auto Temp cut off
U/S Freq :- 33 3KHZ
Auto degree cycle :- Preset 5 min
MOC :- All SS304
Efficient Sales & Services backup, Competitive rates, One-year Warranty
Optional Features
Elevated bath temp up to 90c
Pre-Programmable cycles (upto 50no.)
Digital heat controller
Dual frequency (for coarse and finer cleaning)
Ultra sonic Power level selection
ON-LINE frequency and Current measurement
  Technological Advantages for "Micro Plus" Range Over Other Manufacturers  
Characteristic / Features Samarth Electronics's Micro Plus Other Manufacturers
Ultrasonic Generator In built High Frequency MOSFET based SMPS Linear Power Supply
Efficiency More than 90% resulting into Power saving and faster cleaning @ 60% hence, power loss and slow cleaning
Input Voltage Fluctuation Drive source largely unaffected hence very stable performance Unpredictable performance
Modularity Available Difficult
Timer Micro Processor Control Digital99 min. come down timer with display Mechanical Timer without Display
  Optional Features  
Dual Frequency Selection Yes
Pre-Set Auto Degassing Facility Yes
Pulse Sweep Frequency Yes
Online Power Frequency And Power Measurement Yes
"Multifire" (Multi Frequency Output) Yes
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