About Ultrasonic  
  Ultrasonic welding machines are the machines in which the electrical energy is being converted to mechanical vibrations using the transducers. These vibrations in the range of 15kHz, 20kHz or 35kHz with power ranging from 500watts to 2500watts are transmitted through aluminium horns which in turn used for joining thermoplastic materials. This machine can also be used for joining parts like Injection Molded parts, Vacuum Forming process parts, Blow Molding process parts, Fabric made by Woven etc.  
  For Welding machines we are representing "JOHNSONPLASTOSONIC, PUNE" which was established in 2001 had made substantial progress in the field of ultrasonic welding machines. The company has it's works at Shivne Industrial Area, Pune with a 13000 Sq.ft constructed space area.

An Ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning device which uses high frequency sound waves to remove various types of contaminants from parts immersed in a cleaning media. This cleaning media may be aqueous or solvent depending on the nature of contaminants and the type of applications. Contaminants can be of different types like dirt, oil, grease, buffing, polishing compounds, mould release agents etc.

For Cleaning mechnines we are representing "SAMARTH ELECTRONICS, THANE" which is established in 2007 has supplied different types mechnies from small bench top model to biger multi-stage models to wide range of industries.
  We have set our vision towards achieving total customer satisfaction by selling quality & reliable equipments with latest technology comparable with International standard at competitive rate in field of Ultrasonic Equipments including quality service after sales.  
  We have a Mission to spread the Importance of Ultrasonic technology to be used in all the fields to compete with the international level with the selling of our products with import substitute.  
  The Company is managed by Mr. Subramaniyan P.N who has worked in the field of Ultrasonic from the last 20 years. Under his leadership the company has grown throughout south india achieving wide range of customers from small scale to MNC's.  
  He is fully supported by Mr. Alwin Raj Lobo in looking after the company affairs towards management side.He is having 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, quality assurance out of which 2 years in ultrasonic field.  
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