Ultrasonic Welding Machines - Bench type  
Microcontroller based
Auto Tuning Facility
IGBT based efficient power circuit
PLC interface 4 line backlit LCD display
Parts counter
LED power indicators
Variable 5 programs memory
3 different tunings - Delay, weld & hold
Various self diagnosis indicators : high / low frequency, overload, high voltage etc
Variable amplitude facility available
Electronic amplitude selection
No need to change booster
Weight - 16kg
Type Model
Without stand UWA 2010
UWA 2015
UWA 2020
UWA 3510
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  Ultrasonic Metal welding Machines  
  Ultrasonic metal welder is based on principle of ultrasonic vibrations.

Two metal parts are held between Ultrasonic vibrating tool horn & knurled fixture. At a time pressure is provided vertically to the vibrations. Due to this, parts ate scrubbed against each other oxide layer is being removed & two parts get joined.

Welding is being done without losing properties of material & without adding any properties.

Ultrasonic welding is cold welding process. It is being applied to metals such as copper, brass, aluminium, tin, silver, and gold, platinum. Ultrasonic metal welding has used for various application in industries for electrical joints, contacts, soldering, solar panel welding composite pipes making from strips.
Type Model
Floor Type UMW 2025
UMW 3510
Table Type UMW 2025C
UMW 3510C
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  Ultrasonic Welding Guns  
  Ultrasonic welding guns are used to weld thermoplastic, where areas of welding are hard to reach the parts are too bigger to weld.  
Ultrasonic welding guns are used to weld thermoplastic, where areas of welding are hard to reach the parts are too bigger to weld
Type Model
Straight Type UWHG 2010s
UWHG 3507S
Pistol Type UWHG 2010P
UWHG 3507P
Pistol type & straight staple type guns available
Easy grip guns available with less diameter
High quality connectors used to lessen loose connections
Available in two frequencies : 20khz & 35khz
  Horns & Fixtures  
Johnson's wide experience supports for successful application development of your welding needs
Johnson has got experience & strength to develop your application & tooling needed to make success which is very clerical un ultrasonic welding
Horn can be made in tool steel, special aluminium alloy & aluminium alloy
Fixtures can be made to suit the needs
Steel horns are heat treated, while aluminum horns are hard anodized to sustain long period
  Ultrasonic PP Corrugated Box Welders  
  Polypropylene corrugated Box welding machine Corrugated boxes are fast replacing traditional corrugated boxes In the case staples are fast replaced by ultrasonic welding.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding are:
No scratch guarantee for packed items
No rejection of packed items
Better aesthetic looks
No corrosion of joints means healthy packaging
Low running costs
Johnson Plastosonic have variety of reliable Products for PP box welding those are :
Ultrasonic hand held gun for manual operation
Stand type pneumatic hased system
Multi thread ultrasonic welding system
Type Model
Single Head 1.5 kW UPPBX 1H1
Three Head UPPBX 3H2D
  Ultrasonic Fabric Sealers  
  Due to environmental compliances HDPE bags LDPE bags are fastly replaced by PP non-woven fabric bags.  
  Johnson Plastosonic provides state of the ate Indian make ultrasonic generators & horn assembly for bag making machines. Dont be in trouble for imported ultrasonic generators & systems, Replace it by Johnson's Indian made systems, Johnson gives continuous high speed fabric sealers for bag making machines.  
Type Model
Sewing Machine USM 2015
USM 3510
Continuous Sealing UCS 2010
UCS 3510
Label Cutting ULC 2015
ULC 3510
  Fabric Sealers

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  Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machines  
  Johnson Plastosonic makes tube sealing machines for thermoplastic extruded & laminated tubes.
The machines are high speed machines having advantages of low rejection ratio, no heating problem: which generally occurs in hot air & hot plate tube sealers.
Type Model
Without Cutter UTSL 2015
UTSL 3510
With Cutter UTSL 2015CU
UTSL 3510
  Fabric Sealers
  Used in Cosmetics Applications like : Pharmaceutical Applications, Gun & Bonding Adhesives and Personnel Care Products.

Automatic index type machine & lab type models are available with / without cutting trimming coding in 20 kHz& 35 kHz frequencies.
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